Battlefield 3 Guns


Battlefield 3 Guns's review

Shoot Battlefield 3 Guns and hear their sounds!

  • Guns categorized
  • Image/statistics/graph
  • A lot of full-screen ads
  • Gun must be selected for options

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"Battle Sounds"


Battlefield 3 Guns is a complete soundboard of guns from Battlefield 3. Each gun also has an accompanying statistics table and damage graph. The app assaults you with full-screen ads however, and for some reason you can only get to the settings when a gun is selected.


The guns are categorized into their types, and each one is accompanied by an image, and you can swipe between the name, a statistics table, or damage graph. The sounds are high quality, and it includes a reload sound for each gun.


The app assaults you with full-screen ads at every turn, making using it a somewhat unpleasant experience. Also, for some reason you can only access the options menu when you have a gun selected, despite the options applying to all guns.

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by Oliver

Feb 25, 2015

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