Battleship Shooting



Have you ever thought you can take part a battle ship war? In daily life, for many social limitations, not everyone can have the experience of driven a battleship. And if you take part a real war is a very dangerous thing. You may be injured or even lose life. Now you can experience the feeling of having a war with your android mobile phone. Battleship Shooting is a free battle application that help you simulate the battleship in your mobile phone. Drive and hold your mobile just like you are driven a battleship on hand. It can offer you a realistic feeling of the war. Because there is the battleship running sound and the sound of the explosion of bomb (Please do not forget open the volume button on your mobile or you can not hear the voice of the war ).
The most great thing is that you can choose which county to have the battleship war! You can choose America or German or Britain and so on. You can choose one as you like. Every country includes many things and places for you to choose. The totally number of the places or weapons are more than 40 and every choice has a image icon from which you can know what it is about.
If you do not know how to play the game you can get the information in Game button or Have tutorial before start the game. It will tell you what the game talk about and how to play can get a high score. If you do not know more about the shoot place or weapon, you can press weapon button (it is a link to wiki) to search information about it in Wikipedia.
1.100% free for all android users.
2.Four country for you to choose: America, Britain, Germany and Soviet Union.
3.Choose which city to have the war in the county you chose before.
4.Start training and press volume button to fire the bomb. In the training, you can see the running of the battleship and the fire of the bomb.
5.Search the high score in the game.
6.Search the weapon or place news or knowledge in Wikipedia. WE offer you a link to wiki. As a result, you can enter the wiki page directly without inputting any words.
7.Please offer us 5 stars to this app if you thin it is good. Or you can introduce this free game to your friends or through twitter, Facebook and other devices on your mobile to support us(there is no button has this function, but please do this with other dices on your mobile). With your encouragement, we will make better app with hard working. Of course, if you have any question, you can also tell us with supply button.

Play the game, and hold the mobile stably and fire quickly, you will get a high score in the game. Please do not forget open the volume button which can make the game more realistic!
It is totally free battle game in android market. You can not miss it or you will fell regret latter. Because it is really an exciting game. Why don't you have a try? Download it now and you will fell in love with it!

More information about battle space:
Battle-space was a unified strategy to integrate and combine armed forces for the military theater of operations, which including air and information, land, sea and space. They include the environment, factors and conditions which must be understood to successfully apply combat power, protect the force, or complete missions. These include enemies and friendly armed forces; facilities; weather, terrain, and the electromagnetic spectrum within these operational areas and the areas of interest.

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