Beautiful Bubbles

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    Pop beautiful bubbles with your fingers using multi-touch.

    Unlike other bubble popping apps, this one has 2 modes:

    A free mode where you can pop as many bubbles as you like for as long as you like, the bubbles float around the screen and as you pop them more appear. You don't have to touch the screen to create them they appear automatically.

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    A challenge mode where you have to pop 50 bubbles as quickly as you can. Don't miss though, or you'll lose points.

    This app is perfect for young children who are developing fine motor skills. They can swipe across the screen in free mode and pop all the bubbles their fingers come into contact with. This is very important for small fingers as they can't always connect with the bubbles directly.

    It is also perfect for people with some forms of autism, the gentle floating of bubbles and the popping sound and animation will help to keep them focussed.

    The challenge mode is perfect for adults who want to wast some time and try and beat their previous score.

    Press the back button at any time, and when you see the second back button appear press that at the same time to get back to the menu. This avoids accidentally ending your game.

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