Black Ops 2 - Tips & Tricks

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    Blak Ops 2 is a brilliant, recently released game played by millions around the globe.

    This app has a total of 101 video clips of gameplay & tips & tricks so you can maximise your gaming skill.

    Learn new strategies from expert players and you will soon be playing like a pro.

    The first 20 clips are included free within the app and the rest can be added as and when you wish to progress further.

    For each clip you have the ability to give it a rating as well as add your own notes and change the clip title. Share the clip with your friends and increase your gaming experience.

    This app has something for everyone from beginners tips, all the way up to pro equipment setups and the best online multiplayer tactics.

    Here's a small list of whats inside:

    First Game On And First Impression Gameplayreview
    How To Rank Up Fast In Bo2 Level Up Quick Xp Tips
    Tips Tricks - Official Multiplayer Guns - Assault Rifles
    Tips Tricks - Official Multiplayer Guns - Light Machine Guns
    Tips Tricks - Official Multiplayer Guns - Shotguns
    Tips Tricks - Official Multiplayer Guns - Sniper Rifles
    Tips Tricks - Official Multiplayer Guns - Sub Machine Guns
    Tips Tricks - Official Multiplayer Perks
    Tips Tricks - Wish List - Things We Need To See
    Tips Tricks For Beginners Cod Multiplayer Gameplay Review Tdm Xbox 360ps3
    Tips Tricks For Getting Scorestreakskillstreaks Gameplay Commentary
    Fuel Efficient Guide
    In Depth Sniper Guide By Drift0r Tips Tricks
    Knife Only Gameplay
    Life Action Skit
    Rank Up Fast In Tips For Leveling Up
    Pro Tip Of The Day - All Scorestreaks
    Pro Tip Of The Day - Giveaway Laser Attachment Hip-Fire Accuracy
    Pro Tip Of The Day - Svu Sniper Glitch
    61 Killstreak - Swarmk9 Unitorbital Vsat Gameplay
    97 Kills Multiplayer Ideas
    An-94 Assault Rifle Headshot Spree Bo2 Weapon Tips And Tricks
    Atari Easter Egg
    Best Class To Fight Lag - Tips And Tricks Bo2 Best Gun Set Up
    Best Gun In
    Best Gun In Tips And Tricks Bo2 Weapons Part 1
    Best Tips And Tricks - How To Start At Level 10 Bo2 - By Tmartn
    Black Hat - Fastest Way To Earn Experience Tips And Tricks Bo2
    Black Ops Hiding Tactics - Firing Range
    Bucks Has Mental Strength But Is Weak Otherwise Bo Gameplaycommentary
    Buckss Childhood Possibly Inspirational Bo Gameplaycommentary
    Create A Class Setup W Ali-A - Bo2 Multiplayer Guns Tips Tricks
    Double Vtol Warship Gameplay Live Bo2

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