Bleep Button




    Bored stupid of listening to the youth of today's mumble on about how tough their lives are?
    Sick of going to the movies and hearing eveybody else's conversation?

    Tired of waiting for the bus and hearing nothing but filth coming from the mouths of rude

    Well now you can finally let them know exactly how you feel with... The Worlds Most Effective Bleep Button!

    Simply whip out your phone and give them a blast of your mind, Bleep Button style! Featuring amazing button design and 15 sounds that are sure to let everyone know what you think!

    Bleep swear words into oblivion!
    Tell boring people to SHUT UP!
    Annoy friends and family with our selection of irritating noises!

    The Bleep Button..for those times you just really need someone to shut up!

    We also have a timer which you can use to play the Bleep sounds without your friends knowing. Click on the options button on the settings screen to get to the Help.

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