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Categorize Tumblr your way! blogWalker lets you create custom categories of tags and blogs so you can view content that is related. For example, you can make a category all about your favorite animals, or animal breeds, and then just enter the tags or blogs into a category. blogWalker will search out those tags and blogs on Tumblr, sort them all together by date, and then show them to you from newest to oldest. blogWalker supports endless scrolling, so you can keep on viewing posts! Also featured is side scrolling to view post, instead of the same old vertical scrolling you see everywhere.
Don’t want to bother with categories, and are bored with what’s on your dashboard? blogWalker has a Random mode – which will search out random tags and blogs, stick them all together and let you browse through.
You can also make new text and photo post. Photo post can up have to 10 images each! And on top of that, you can apply 1 of 25 different filters to each of them.
You can reblog (including queuing, making drafts, and adding comments) , like or unlike posts, or share posts from Tumblr through text or email. You can view posts from users without actually having to follow them and clutter up your dashboard by adding them to a category. You can perform tag searches as well. blogWalker keeps a list of your recent tags searched for, and also has an option to pick a random tag from over 2000 in a list.
blogWalker is the perfect companion for Tumblr on your mobile devices!
Media content can launch into your device’s browser to view videos or listen to songs. You can tap and hold on images to save them to your phone.
blogWalker keeps track of your last viewed post, and also a history of each blog, tag, or category you have viewed so you can always get back to where you left off in each section.
blogWalker lets you dig deep into the depths of Tumblr and see some awesome content posted by fellow Tumblr users.
Please email me with questions, comments, or problems (, and I will get the issue taken care of.
blogWalker requires you have a account. It only takes a minute to sign up and there’s a link to the signup page in the app.

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