Boating Bloopers !

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    Boating Bloopers has some truly hilarious clips!

    The app includes 44 brilliant real life footage videos:

    Greatest Boat Crashes - boating yachting shipping sailing
    Extreme sailing
    Ships Slammed by Storms Waves
    VTD 2008 Bloopers
    Pirates of the Caribbean 1 Bloopers
    FaceOff - Boat Chase
    James Bond Boat Chase off From Russia with Love
    James Bond - The World is Not Enough
    Quantum of Solace - Boat Chase
    Captain Rons docking manuevers
    Captain Rons Lessons in Anchoring
    Launch ramp fun Seadoo
    Good Friday goes wrong for boat owner
    Pathetic skipper struggles to dock the boat
    How to dock a boat
    Jack Canfield Create Your Attitude
    Funniest boat launch ever
    Grady White 36 Extreme Boat Launch
    Launch Retrieval of your boat - Boat Safety - Maritime New Zealand
    CAR at a boat ramp MISHAP
    Bad day at the boat ramp part 2
    Launching a Warrior fishing boat the quick way
    Crazy Beach Boat Accident
    Boat Launch Alternative
    Private boater doing the slide at Boundary Creek boat ramp Middle Fork of the Salmon
    How to ruin a saturday
    New Boat Who Cares
    Launch ramp disaster el capitan lake
    Boating accident
    Boat crash on Lake Conroe Longer version
    Head ON Bad Boating Accident Major Damage
    terrible boat accident
    boat dock bloopers
    Firefighter Boat Explosion
    boating bloopers
    Funny water related bloopers and wipeouts
    Dramatic Water Rescue
    Low Head Dam Rescue And Fatality
    Binghampton New York Dam Drowning
    127 Boating Bloopers Re-Boarding Tips Synthetic Teak
    The Boaters TV - 3 - Boating News for Boat Owners - Surfango
    Lifesaving Resources - Ice Rescue Training - Rescue Alivedv

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