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Body Scanner Free Prank's review


A fake body scanner joke that quickly wears thin

  • Choose between a human skeleton or a chimp
  • Alter the speed of the scan
  • Not funny
  • Proportions are all wrong
  • Controls aren't convincing
  • Annoying ads

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"You're getting under my skin..."


Of all the dull apps that simulate an x-ray scan of your body, this has to be one of the most useless, because it insists on recreating a full human skeleton. As you might imagine, the developer is way off when it comes to the proportions. The controls aren't that realistic, and quite frankly the joke loses any kind of humor before you've even tried it.


You can view a skeleton, and you can view a chimpanzee. It simulates a full-body x-ray. You can set the speed of the scan.


The body proportions are completely wild. Even the most gullible chump won't believe it. The joke loses its effect before you've even started, and the controls are absurd—you need to rotate the mobile to see the entire image. To top if off, ads pop up at the worst moments.

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by Cecília

Sep 04, 2015

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