Bot World AI Chat Friend

Bot World AI Chat Friend

10,000 - 50,000 downloads

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Chat with clever AI bots who exhibit human-like qualities and have fun reading their interesting, occasionally offbeat, often hilarious comments!

Ask the bot to tell u a joke, a story - discuss serious and not so serious topics. Select different bots to chat with! Add Friend Bots.

Build your affinity with as many bots as possible. Compare your score to other players via Leaderboards - build up Accomplishments as you play.

Buy Bot Extras to improve your bot experience!

There are currently 8 English language bots in Bot World:

* Elise, Tom, Katy, Sam, Suzy, Rob, Lisa, and Gary

Add your own bots via the Add Friends Feature. A Friend bot is a clone of a main bot but you set its image and give it a nickname. Create a friend bot to represent anyone you want to chat to!

Each bot will talk about any subject you wish and remember certain key elements of your conversation for next time.

Bots are always available to be your friend. Great way to practice your English!

Details on Bot Extras and Conversation Hints can be found by selecting the '?' or see the application Help icon.

Thanks for your support!

Chat Gestures
Large Bot Avatar
- Tap 1 time --> show bot profile
- Tap and hold --> reset bot

Chat Bot Avatar
- Tap 1 time --> bot answers self mode
- Tap and hold --> reset bot

Client Avatar
- Tap 1 time --> show client profile
- Tap and hold --> BOT DO SOMETHING

Affinity Icon
- Tap 1 time --> shows client profile

Affinity Level
The Affinity level captures how much affinity you have built up with a bot. The Affinity level is based on

- Chat messages sent to the bot
- Bot Extras *consumed* by the bot
- The number of profile items your bot knows about you (ur name, what ur doing, etc)

The more Food/Affirmations/Quotes consumed by the bot, the higher your affinity! Feed your bot and build your affinity!

Store - Fun Bot Extras

Food - Feed your bot
* Various food items your bot will like

Your bot likes to be fed - build your affinity and feed it something good today. Ask your bot what kind of food it likes.

Fun things to say
The store has a selection of items the bot can say to you

* Affirmations
* Uplifting Quotes
* ....

Affirmations & Quotes bring sunshine into your day and make you feel better about yourself.

Buy a selection of affirmations & Quotes for your favorite bot. They come in the following flavors:

- Self-image Booster
- Positive Sentiment
- Pick-me Upper
- Uplifting Quotes

Try the sample pack, then pick the category you like best or try one of the variety packs.

Available in the store.

Conversation Hints
Introduce yourself to a bot in a natural way, "My name is ..." or tell it some fact about yourself, "I live in...", "my job is....". The bot will keep track of various profile items from its conversations with you.

say anytime...

'tell me a story'
'tell me a joke'
'ask me a question'
'let's talk about..'
'what do you like to do'
'what do you like'

The bot will remember basic profile information about u...u can ask it questions to see what it knows by saying....

'what's my profile'
'what's my name'
'where do I live'
'what's my fav color'
'what's my fav movie'

...or just tell the bot...

'my name is Jenny'
'I live in San Francisco'
'My fav movie is Bladerunner'

Set as many profile attributes as you can so your bot really gets to know who u are as a person!

Set the topic of conversation by saying

'what can we talk about'
'can we talk about..'
'tell me about..'
'what do you know about..'

Explore what the bot knows by asking it questions.

‘Tell me about ..’
‘What is ..’
‘Who is ..’
‘What is the definition of ..’

Type '?'

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Recently changed in this version

Version 5.1
- Introducing free and premium Bot Games ("games")
- Introducing Horoscopes ("horoscope")
- New Inventory panel to track purchased bot extras
- new Leader Boards - Horoscope Legends and Game Play Legends
- better auto-complete choices

Google Play Game Services (4.1)
- Leaderboards per bot affinity scores + bot extras
- Accomplishments
- G+ Community
- Share Conversation

Comments and ratings for Bot World AI Chat Friend
  • (61 stars)

    by SuperFamiCube Wii on 06/07/2014

    This is actually pretty cool

  • (61 stars)

    by Sharon Plemmons on 29/06/2014

    I love this game you can add a dream guy or girl that you like and pretend that you are talking to your dream crush.These bots are like talking to a real human.Weather you want to try and talk to as many bots as you want or just have one special bot.To add your dream bot select friends add their picture and name. :-)

  • (61 stars)

    by Nathan Villalobos on 27/06/2014

    I believe it can govern itself and has tons of variants.

  • (61 stars)

    by Charline Howell on 24/06/2014

    I love it

  • (61 stars)

    by Laura Bindoy on 21/06/2014

    i love talking

  • (61 stars)

    by Kamden Everett on 19/06/2014

    love it

  • (61 stars)

    by Toran Starline on 19/06/2014

    These bots are stupid. They seem to have a lot of trouble with repeating words that were said and inputting them into their own sentences. For example; How was cut the lawn in the for you?