Bridge Score (donate)



The free version is identical and also available in Play Store. This is the fully functional paid version. You can buy it if you would like to donate my work. Then you can uninstall the free version or wait 15 minutes and remove the paid one (if you do this earlier, your purchase will be cancelled).

This application allows to score the traditional rubber bridge ("above the line" and "below the line"). Just create a new game and add deals providing a declarer, a contract, its result and additional bonuses. The interface is very simple and intuitive, there is also help available. The application displays a score sheet in a form of a table; you can also switch to a list view of all deals.

Feel free to rate, report bugs in application or translations, leave your opinions in comments and contact me directly. If you like this application, rate it on this site. If you would like to help me and translate BridgeScore to other language, write me.