Brihaspati Graha Mantra



Brihaspati or Guru Graha or Jupiter Planet is basically a part of Navgraha.

For Guru or Jupiter related problems and during the dasa or antardasa of Guru, worship Lord Shiva. So if a person has any dosha of Brihaspati Graha then he/she will have to chants the mantras of Guru or Brihaspati Graha. The Guru Gayathri mantra if chanted religiously, gives greatest improvement in education and high level of intellect. It also helps to increase satisfactions and facilitates marriage and childbirth.
In this application you will find the great collection of Brihaspati Mantras with their Beeja Mantra and Stotra. All Mantras are having their particular meanings so you will find the audio clips for that.

This application also including the information part where a user can get the solutions of his/her problem regarding that particular graha.

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