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Let’s learn Hangul(Korean) with little alien CONy from Andromea!! You can learn consonants , vowels and keyboard location. And you can learn also the words through this typing game.

This thrilling shooting typing game will help you to learn Hangul with amusement.
■    Learn keyboard mode ■
1.     You can be used to the Hangul keyboard location of Qwerty.
2.     It’s very helpful since the stages are classified by consonants and vowels.

■    Learn words mode ■
1.     You can learn consonants from [ㄱ] to [ㅎ].
2.     You are able to check your typing speed and leave your records on Facebook, Twitter.
3.     You can compare your rankings with other player’s in the board.
l  The sentence mode will be added later.

■    Game mode ■
1.     The words will be eliminated by your typing.
2.     When the words fall into the bottom line, your HP is decreased. And the game is over as the HP becomes 0.
3.     The aim of game is to send the CONy to the highest level of Sky by erasing the words.
4.     You can meet the good and bad item words.
5.     You can compare your rankings with other player’s in the board. And you can boast your record through Facebook, Twitter.
l  Another game mode and network play game mode will be added later.

■    Support List ■
1.     OS – more than Android 2.1
2.     Resolution – 480*800
3.     Hardware
-       Galaxy (S,U,K), NEXUS ONE(KT,SK), Mirach, Optimus2X
-       This app can be played in other devices although we can’t confirm.
4.     Keyboard
-       This app is optimized to Google Keyboard. You can download that from AD market.
-       Other keyboards might not match the graphic.
-       If you use Smart Keyboard, you can set the configuration by using
Settings=>Keyboard=>Smart Keyboard=>Customize Height.
l  Other devices are being applied now, we’ll release update version sooner.
■    Contact Us ■
1.     Mail : Appstore@broadcon.co.kr
2.     Home : http://www.broadcon.net
3.     Twitter : @typingcony

■    Others ■
Naver Naum Font is applied into this application.

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