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Kid’s studio is multifunctional educational environment designed for children, but can be used by all ages bulgarian speaking people who want to learn to read and write bulgarian. It includes 3 kinds of learning games – Find the letter, Fill in the missing letter and Write words. The games are with detailed and clear loud instructions in Bulgarian how to play. In Find the letter, the beginners learn the Bulgarian alphabet and in the other games they learn to construct real words. When all letters are filled in correct follows a prize-surprise. The games are rather educational than entertaining. In section Bookshop you can handle FREE famous kid’s tales from the Golden duck publishing house. The books are stored in section Library where can be read. There is option to choose between loud reading or mute, which means that the stories can be read by users who can’t read yet. The letters in some of the tales are small that’s why for best performance and usage is recommended to play Kid’s studio on a tablet (big screen). The app has a built in Video player where the user can play installed on the mobile device videos (it doesn’t need internet connection). In section Drawing studio in addition to drawing and painting with 42 colors and 3 brush sizes there are handwriting samples so the kids can practice handwriting. Drawing studio gives access to Gallery where the user can save paintings, delete and share them by email, Facebook or other share apps. The options menu for delete and share painting is visualized by long click on a picture from the Gallery. From the splash screen there is access to 14 favorite kid’s songs (bulgarian, russian and danish) which are built in (no internet connection for playing them is required). Internet access is required only for books purchase, which are then saved on the device and can be accessed all times and all places afterwards.

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