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    It’s a burger bar with a twist – Its engaging all the way through to our dynamic staff who will quietly assist you to make your burger/beverage selection & then scream your order number at the top of their voice (in a polite way of course), indicating it is time for you to pick up your food. We’re Rock’n Rolla’s, no happy clowns in our place. Creepy cartoons, fumbling super heroes & leather bound Mexican wrestler is more our style.

    The music is eclectic, the vibe is electric.

    >Our delicious menu “Grown up burgers for grown ups” that’s what we do! BIG in size & BIG in flavour. Our combinations are direct from 5 star kitchens so were always going to be on the menu, because that’s where we have come from. But in an ironic twist of providence, we have taken all that delicious carefully selected produce laden & dripping with mouth-watering goodness & carefully positioned it between an extremely softly fresh bun then, jammed that bugger in a paper bag for you to rip open & devour without shame!

    Vegetarians and gluten free we have you covered too.

    We are famous for our Chips & Gravy and its for all the right reasons.

    “We don’t brag about having the best burgers in town – You do!”

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