CAISA - a musical instrument



The CAISA is a magical instrument to be played for relaxation and pure
enjoyment in its sound. It's not a drum, but usually you can play it
similar with your hands as well as with sticks. The CAISA-App gives you
a little insight in the typical sound and is a cute alternative for the
addicted CAISA-player, who can't take his steelskinned sweetheart along
to every place he has to go.

Take time and play the CAISA smoothly, that gives you a good mood. If
you like it a little wilder, just push the flip-button. So you can drum
on the backside of the CAISA as you can do on any other percussion

To see, how to play a CAISA, click on the V-button.

To turn off the hand's moving on the display while playing, push the

Let's see your skills on this app, send us a Video (via Youtube), we
will provide the best ones on our blog

Happy Playing!

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