Call of Duty MW3 - Tips & Help



CoD MW3 - Tips & Tricks is packed full of gaming hints, cheats and tricks you can use to master the explosive Modern Warfare 3.

Get tips from the masters about gun loadouts, best weapons to use, acquiring the golden guns, basic training, killstreaks and perks and much more!

The first 20 videos are included, and you can add more as and when you wish to progress.

Here's a small sample of whats included:

Beginner Tips in Modern Warfare 3 (Before Multiplayer)
How to Rank/Level Up Fast in Modern Warfare 3
MW3: Useful Jump Spots and Tip on Seatown (Modern Warfare 3)
Best Gun in Modern Warfare 3 (By Far)
Best Secondary Weapon in Modern Warfare 3!
Marksman Perk - The Legal Wallhack?
KICK Weapon Proficiency Test
UAV Reproduction!
RANGE and DAMAGE Weapon Proficiency Test
Prestige Shop Talk
How to get Sitrep Pro Really Fast!
How to Kill a Juggernaut
Power of the Trophy System
Indestructible Umbrellas
Hacked Care Package Tactics
Three Assorted Tips!
Outpost Prenade Spots
Bouncing Betty vs. Claymore
Weapon Run Speeds & Proficiency Test
Amazing Village Line of Sight
EMP Grenade Tactics / Uses
Frag vs. Semtex Grenade
Power of the Scrambler
How Weapon XP Works + SnD Clutch
Create a Class Tips and Advice!!

And much more!

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