Callisto is an fan-created app for the Jupiter Broadcasting Podcasting network. Its goal is to bring you every ounce of content available on the full site directly to your mobile.

    * Listen to pre-recorded episodes from any of the shows, past or present
    * Tune in Live to the live shows or the JB Radio
    * Join the IRC chat in a matter of seconds
    * Plan for upcoming shows and even set alarms
    * Contact the team at JB with your thoughts
    * Donate directly to JB to keep their great shows on the air

    If you have a problem or question, please don't 1-star the app without at least filing an issue on Google Code or sending me an e-mail. Neither of them cost you anything, barely take you any time, and helps me tremendously to make Callisto better for you.

    PERMISSIONS: If you're wondering why Callisto needs the "Phone State" permission, it's for the Paypal donation. If you're still doubtful, feel free to check around (like or even check the source.

    NOTE: The current Protostar release of Callisto is in Beta, meaning that while much of the core functionality is there, it is still likely to have glitches. If you encounter one, we beg you to not uninstall it, but instead to tell us on the Google Code page, so we can improve Callisto for everyone.

    Not only is Callisto free, it's also open-source, released under the Open Source License, available on Github.

    Google Code:
    App Website:

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