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Ever wished you could set the mood in your hotel room with a candle that wasn't a fire hazard? Now you can! Free Candle by Mobisoft is a fun FREE app that lets you create ambience anywhere you go. It's the most photo-realistic candle ever made for the android.

✓ Hold the candle upright
✓ Use it like your torch at night or on a romantic dinner.
✓ Touch the flame to turn the flame on or off.
✓ Blow into the microphone to extinguish the flame like a real candle but you have to select this option on the preference
✓ Accelerometer based flame. Tilt your phone in all directions to see how the it flicks.
✓ Custom preference: Customize the color of your candle, the color of flame and even the background.
✓ Background romantic music. Go to preference to select to play background romantic music.

Go to the preference page.
Click on the color picker to choose the color you want and then if you see the color has been applied to the second button, click it and you will see the color changed. You can do this to change backgoround color, color of candle and color of flame.
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