Candle Power

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    Practical, amusing, and a little romantic – Candle Power lets you add a touch of romance and fun to any occasion.

    Grabbing fast food with your significant other? Wouldn’t it be better by candlelight?

    Sitting with your date listening to music? Why not add the soft, animated light of a flickering candle?

    Candle Power is high-definition studio video of an actual burning candle. It’s the safe, odorless way to enjoy continuous, soothing light for relaxation or romance. And you never have to worry about it burning out, dripping wax or starting an accidental fire.

    Candle Power features three different candles in a single app: A romantic, luminous pillar, a vintage taper in a sterling holder, and a birthday candle in a colorful cupcake with sprinkles to add color and sparkle to any celebration.