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Do you like playing bowling? Now you can playing a with champagne cork on your mobile phone.Compared with controlling bowing with your hand, you can control the
champagne with shacking your mobile! You should shake the champagne to a high position in the air and then when the cork fell down, it can knockdown more corks. The corks are placed one by one just as the when you playing bowling! I bet with your skill, you must can get a good score and feel its interesting!

Plying Methods:
1.When you opening the game application, you can see a manage button in the center.
2.Pres the play words, you can enter a playing game. IT has five seconds countdown. Press the menu button on your mobile, the count down will stop and press again, it will continue count down.
3.After the time end, shake you mobile/champagne bottle, you can make the champagne as high as possible. If you have make a great high position, it will stop.
4.Tap to launch the game.
5.You can also shake your mobile when the cork is fell down!
6.There are many corks laid below, it will also offer you a high meters according to the high you shake before.
7.Press high score words in home page, you can search who made a record in this game!

Bowing with your mobile phone now! It is a great game help you playing bowing with your mobile phone. Download it now, you will love it much!
Bowling refers to a series of sports or leisure activities in which a player rolls or one throws a bowling ball. In indoor bowls, the target is usually to knock down pins. In outdoor variations, the aim is usually to get the ball as close to a aim ball as possible. The indoor version of bowling is usually played on a flat wooden or other synthetic surface, while outdoor bowling the surface may be grass, gravel or the synthetic surface. The most common types of indoor bowling include ten-pin and nine-pin, candlepin and duckpin and five-pin bowling,but in outdoor bowling, bowls, pétanque and boules are popular.
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