You're looking for something to impress people with?
You want to do something that nobody else can do?
You want to be a hoot at any party?
Then this is the app for you! Use the Card Magic-Tricks Tutorial to learn awesome magic tricks in no time!

Some of the magic tricks in this application are :
 3 Predicted Cards
 Card Switch
 Jumping Jacks Card Trick
 Best Beginner Card Trick
 The Finger Pulse
 Say Stop Card Trick
 This n' That
 Worlds Greatest Card Trick
 4 by 4 Card Prediction
 How to make a Marked Deck
 Card in Ashes
 Mentalism Card Pick
 Card Flick
 Bank Robbing Jacks
 673 King Street
 False Cuts
 Money to Burn
 Card Box Monte
 Snap Change

And many more videos tricks are there in this application

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