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More than 50+ Tricks are there in this application. Become a professional in Magic Tricks and show it to your friends and Family.....!!!

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Some of the Tricks in this application are :

1. Predicted Cards
2. Jumping Gemini Card Trick
3. Card Switch
4. Jumping Jacks Card Trick
5. How to Force a Card
6. Best Beginner Card Trick
7. Questions Card Trick
8. ACES To The Top
9. Card Trick
10. The Finger Pulse
11. Queen Change
12. Say Stop Card Trick
13. This n' That
14. Worlds Greatest Card Trick
15. 4 by 4 Card Prediction
16. How to make a Marked Deck
17. Card in Ashes
18. Riffle Shuffle
19. Slap the Card Magic Trick
20. The Estimated Prediction Card Trick
21. Wallet Prediction Card Trick
22. Torn and Restored Card
23. Self Working Math Card Trick

More than 50 + tricks are there related to magic tricks...

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