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    Catbeard is the first app for Android that provides you an instant wearable cat beard. Thanks to Catbeard app you can have your own cat beard eventhough you don't have a cat. Download it now, it's Catbeard time!

    When the trend for cat bearding swept the web recently pet fans thought it really was the cat's whiskers. The craze involved people holding up furry friends to their faces creating the illusion of a luxurious, hilarious beard.
    And now dog owners have jumped on the bandwagon producing similarly brilliant, though admittedly more shaggy and out of control, results. If you preffer are more into dogbeards, don't worry, you can also use the Catbeard app to create and wear your very own dog bear.

    FYI: Cat and dog Beards is a photo fad that involves positioning a cat or a dog in front of one’s face in such a manner that the feline’s furry chin appears as if it is part of the model’s facial hair.

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