Cat Toy Plus



meow! Cat toy plus for iPhone App.

☆☆☆ launching event : discount 50% ☆☆☆

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies. (Aristotle)

Dogs think people they are my master but cats think they are friends.

But communication with cats is impossible else well-trained dogs.

How about attempt conversation with cat's language to cats.

This app is hanging out with your lovely little cats and converse with.

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this is cat play app (cat sound, cat toy, cat photograph,world-wide web Community)

tested on cats

★ menu 01 ★

48 kind cat sound of 4 type catefories

The cat will react to sound

★ monu02 ★

7 type cat toys : fish(Colored carp), fly, butterfly, basketball, cockroach, foxtail, laser pointer

☆☆ screen Touch -> reacts to sounds and Visual effects ☆☆

★ menu03 ★

Very many cat photograph

★ menu 04 ★

world-wide web board : cat Community

cat toy plus app which induces the interest of the cat

gift to your cat

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