Chicky Chicka



“Chicky Chicka” repeats everything you say and talk to himself with funny voice.
You can swipe his leg, stroke his head, he play guitar&drum. "Chicky Chicka" is like a friend to your children with various action.The Chicka means ‘God is supreme’ in Igbo. Chicka is an image of cheeky Character and little rascal. (If you have Galaxy Tab, you can’t download this version and can’t execute the application. So, if you want to use HD version, you have to download to “Chicky Chicka HD for Galaxy Tab”)

- Talk to “Chicky Chicka” repeats everything you say with funny voice.
- Swipe his leg / Pet his body or head
- Touch objects (RAON / guitar / drum / bench / info / appletree / flowers / ball
- Resolution: 480x854, 480x800, 320x480 (A partly device of low-resolution can play slowly)

Come here, you(Chicka) little rascal!

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