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This simple app contains all ChimneySwift11's Minecraft videos. New videos are automatically added on top of the list as soon as they're released! New video everyday at 2pm EST.

ChimneySwift11 is a YouTube commentator that occasionally plays with a good majority of the Creatures in multiple video games. He has a very large and magical tooth with many uses and is also a very nice guy. He calls his subscriber base "Swifters" and is a former member of The Outsiders, which is a community similar to the Creatures, as they both do collaboration videos with other members. It has since been disbanded.


- This app saves you so much time!

Old way of opening your favorite video:
Launching the YouTube app, clicking on search, typing the name, selecting the channel, sorting by date, and finnaly opening the lastest video.

New way of opening your favorite video:
Launching this app, opening the latest video!

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