Chinese Wushu




    Do you know the Chinese wushu (also called Kung Fu in some places)? Have you ever seen Kung Fu film? If you can play Wushu, you can fly a high position without any difficult. Chinese Kungfu also has high skill in dodging attacks. They use special skill when have a fight with others and you can hit others while others can not hurt you a little. All knowledge and skill you get may from kungfu movie or the spread by Bruce Lee (a great Chinese martial arts artist). But now you can experience and practice Chinese Wushu with your mobile phone.
    Chinese Wushu is a free Kung Fu application for all people who have interested in fighting skills and Chinese cultures. In this game, you can practice Wushu as you like. If you do not know more about the Wushu type, we offer you the introduction about all type. Then you can know its advantage and disadvantage compared with other skills. There are almost 40 Kong fu type which includs almost all popular skill in China. As long as you can see the type in film or in novel, you can find corresponding one in this free kung fu game.Every game type has a icon picture, so you can see what parts of the body or weapon it use! How grat it is!
    1.Totally free for all people who have interested in Kung Fu or Chinese cultures.
    2.Classified all kung fu style into three main parts. They are the parts related in power, speed and accurate.
    3.Every type includes over 10 wushu skill. For example, you can see Iron Palm, Dragon Kung Fu, and so on in power type. The Wing Chun Fist is related to speed, so you can find it in speed type. The accurate type includes many hidden weapon which can kill person without notice.
    4.Over 40 type and suit icon image in the game. As a result, you can see the skill before playing it.
    5.Start training when you understand the rules and related information. You can see the weapon in the screen. Press the volume button to shadowboxing or fire weapons.
    6.Have a tutorial about how to play the game with your android mobile.
    7.You may not familiar with special Chinese Kung Fu type, you can press instruction button to know more about the skill. It will tell you the advantage and disadvantage in fighting.
    8.The free game will record the highest score automatically. If you play a higher score than the record, It will refresh the score auto. If your score do not oner highest score, it will not record down after the game. Pres highest score button to search the score recorded. You can make a contrast with your score. It will encourage you to make higher score latter.
    Clear the score if you do not like it.
    9.Shortcuts in the bottom of the game can help you manage the game well.
    -Back and home page take you to former page or home page when you have entered long form the game.
    -What to know more about the game? Please press Game button. It will tell you what the four parts in home page related with and you can have a tutorial by pressing tutorial button under each type instruction.
    -Please give me 5 score to encourage us and we will make better application or games for all android people!

    If you have interested in China or the Chinese martial arts, it will help you much in daily life. You can experience the power of Chinese kung fu and know more information about the kung fu type. Download it now, it will not let you down!

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