Christmas Dialer

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    This is a nice and handy dialer, which includes main features that the standard system dialer has,
    such as contact list, call log, etc. All of the functions are improved and some are extended.

    Besides looking good, it provides an easy switch between dial pad and contact list using assigned
    buttons along the phone sides or using the flint finger movement on the contact list.

    Once at the contact list menu, tap on the digits line (a line between the call button and the delete button)
    and it will bring the dial pad back to screen.

    This has a three-lines layout in landscape position, allowing to fit the complete dial pad in almost all devices.

    Customization features include:

    -- Call confirmation dialogs

    -- Color chooser for digits

    -- Enabling dial pad keys click sound

    -- Choice of different color for digits

    -- Length of vibration

    -- T9 search customizations

    It is highly recommended to watch youtube video about the dealers main usage/features.

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