Classes of 1983



Roll Dungeons and Dragons characters using the 1980s/1990s rules: Basic, Expert, Companion, Master and Rules Cyclopedia.

Very convenient for rolling up lots of NPCs, like player retainers.
Lists of spells are generated. Saving throws, Thief skills and Cleric turning undead results are looked up.

Choose Class and Level to roll up a character.
Click Re-roll to roll the same Class and Level again.
Clicking Save to list will add the current character to the text file ClassesOf1983RolledCharacters.txt in your local home directory. Then you can move it or copy it anywhere to use the character in your game notes.

Classes: Cleric, Fighter, Magic User, Thief, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Druid and Mystic. Demi-human attack ranks included.

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