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This ebook was designed for folks who want to organize a successful and enjoyable cocktail party at home. Part 1 of the book focuses on preparations for the cocktail party, and has a special emphasis on how to prepare splendid cocktails easily and in a professional manner.

If you’re having a tough time deciding how many cocktails to put on your cocktail menu, head over to the section Throwing a Cocktail Party for the First Time. I also have special tips for snacks in the section Don’t Forget How to Serve Snacks.

Information about the right glasses to buy for your home bar can be found in the section Stocking Your Bar With the Right Glasses. You’ll find a list of must-have tools for the bar in the section of the book titled The Mixologist’s Arsenal. For those who are not familiar with the base alcoholic spirits used in cocktail-making, I have created a special section in the book titled An Introduction to Crowd Favorites: Spirits just for the purpose of explaining why specific spirits are used most frequently in cocktails.

When you’re ready to mix your first cocktail, head over to Part 2 of the book, where I’ve prepared dozens of unique and delightful cocktail recipes. In this section of the book, you’ll find cocktail recipes for tequila shots, martinis, Bloody Mary concoctions, and more.

Here's what you'll discover in the "Sensational: Super Cocktail Recipes for Every Season" E-Book:

* How to throw an amazing cocktail party...

* 3 little known, yet simple ways to shake, stir and mix cocktails...

* Secrets from expert mixologists that few people ever know about...

* 3 proven steps to understanding a mixologist's arsenal...

* 2 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to understanding the crowds favorite spirits...

* WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to mixing cocktails...

* You'll discover in just a few short minutes how to stock your bar with the right glasses...

* 6 time tested and proven strategies to preparing cocktails that rock...

* When to seek professional help when it comes to mixing cocktails...

* 7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for enhancing the flavor of popular spirits like vodka...

* A pennies on the dollar approach to purchasing the best spirits...

* How often to throw cocktail parties...

* How to understand the ingredients that go into the most popular cocktail recipes...

* The once famous but forgotten secret that instantly allows you to create and make delicious cocktail recipes that you can find right here...

Enjoy the ebook and welcome to the world of cocktail making!

No social gathering is complete without a few cocktails. A really great and unique cocktail not only keeps people talking when they go home, but they can also be great conversation starters at your get together, making it a social blast. You don’t need to be a professional bartender to serve great cocktails, or even to create your own cocktail recipes. You just need to learn a few basics.

Serving a drink in the right kind of glass tells your guests that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to cocktails, and that they should trust your judgment when it comes to knowing what they might like.

You should also invest in the right equipment to create a few of the most popular drinks. If nothing else, get your hands on a blender. It just needs to have a strong motor and sharp blades in order to crush ice.

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