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"There are no right or wrong choices - but every choice carries ramifications, so don't worry about the choice. Instead, be prepared to see it through."

Are you prepared to learn something about yourself?

Are you ready to let someone learn something about you that THEY didn't know?

Do you think you know your friends and family?


After ten years, the popular, challenging book "Conversation Piece" finally makes its' way to the mobile world, renamed just for the app store!

Packed with 70 new questions, Conversate: Discussion Questions Inspired by the African American Experience, consists of 260 powerful questions covering everything from:

- Parenting;
- Dating and Marriage;
- Employment and Business ownership;
- Education;
- Travel;
- Sports;
- Historical Events;
- And much more!

The App allows the user to work through the questions from one to 260 or, will select a random, challenging question to ponder.

Whether you review Conversation Piece alone or with friends, it's bound to challenge your perceptions about the African American experience - regardless of whether you are African American or not.

Here are a few sample questions:

-164- Do you support efforts to block all use of the "N" word? Do you believe these efforts will ever succeed?

-32- Do "successful" Black people have an obligation to "give back" to the Black community?

-166- You go to a concert and discover that someone is sitting in your seats. How do you respond?

"My wife and I spent the entire morning in bed talking about these questions. Let me tell you, I learned some things I didn't know. My eyes are still wide open - I'm still surprised about it!"

- Kris B.

Written by an attorney and former talk radio host, Conversate continues to leave people talking for hours.

"The first time I let a group of people see the manuscript, they stayed so long talking about the questions I ended up tossing them out of my house! We had a great time and everyone can't wait for the next get together!"

- Lynn G.

Part learning tool, part discussion starter, Conversate was designed with various question formats, all designed to put you in a situation and challenge you to respond. We provide the questions - you provide the answers.

Conversate is now FREE! What are you waiting for? Get it now!

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