Cool Gun Ringtones



Included in this app are Reload, Cocking, Click and Firing, Multi shots, continuous shots of various guns, machine gun. Popular models such as Magnum, Barrett Sniper, AK47, Colt 45, Colt AR15, Heckler and Koch MP540, M1 Garand, M107 Sniper Rifle, P90 Heavy machine gun, silencer and hand bomb etc are found in this app.

You can set your desired sound to default ringtone, ringtone for a particular person, notification and alarm.

An outstanding feature is that this app will search all the music content in your phone and put them into a library folder, you are free to select any of these songs as ringtone as well.

How to operate ;

- Press and hold down your desired ringtone until a pop up menu appears, select provided options at your desired.
- By pressing the "STAR" icon, the corresponding ringtone will be stored in favorite folder fro easy retrieval later.
- You can listen to the ringtones by pressing the Play/Pause icons.
- Press the "SD" icon on the top to switch to music library.

This app has very simple UI, please have fun !

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