Cosmic Radiation Charger



Charge your battery using cosmic microwave background radiation, without using a dedicated charger! (remote charging technology)

Just turn on application and battery will start slowly charging.
Adjust your phone position/tilt so that signal level is maximized (this speeds up charging). See instructional video.
Strong magnetic sources can disrupt process (microwave oven etc).

This application allows to use omnipresent cosmic microwave background radiation - physical phenomenon first discovered by Nobel prize laureates - A.Penzias and R.Wilson. Cosmic radiation is present everywhere on Earth (even in your place!) - although it's very weak.
This app uses Android sensors to detect and use radiation to slowly charge battery.
(read more on Wikipedia

This application is obviously a joke - there are no possible ways to use cosmic microwave background radiation to charge battery. Use app to prank friends/family. Hope you liked it :)

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