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Crash is the ultimate collection of anything that can crash!

The app utilises some 270 video compilations that will amuse you for days if not weeks!

The first 27 are included and the rest can easily be added.

WierdFunny Crashes Compilation
The Funny Crash Compilation 10
Drag Racing Crashes - The copyright owner has claimed the music of this video
The Funny Crash Compilation 11
Funny Crash Compilation 10
accidents amazing
Funny crash
Funny Crash Compilation 8
Private Video
The road boss
Monster Jam - Grave Digger Monster Truck Freestyle from St Louis
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 24
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 25
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 26
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 28
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 29
Scared silly compilation Funny Clip Compilation
scared silly compilation Funny Clip Compilation
Funny Animals Funny Clip Compilation
Stealing Animals Funny Clip Compilation
just for lough
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 9
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 1
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 13
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 14
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 17
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 19
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 20
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 22
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 18
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 12
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 4
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 3
LolTVbg - Funny compilation 2
Worst Sport Injuries Ever
Marine Numa Numa
Military Humor
Wheres the Cliff We scare David
Dirt bike accident cut Part 2
Horribly Painful Skateboarding Accident
Yuck Shocking Skateboard Accident Video
Skateboarding Accident BEWARE footage may disturb
Horrible Skate Accident
Sick Skate Boarding Accident
Skater face plants into a fence
Guy Smashes Nuts on 15 Light Bulbs - Break
Horrific Skate Accident as man falls hard
Private Video
Accidents Pwnage
red neck car crash
Skateboarding Accidents
78 Year Old Man Gets Hit By Car and No-One Helps
saddest video ever
asian crash
People Hit by Train
Face The Montage of Epic Faceplants
kid gets owned
kid gets owned again
Big Ball Hit
if you laugh you are a very bad person
arm break featured in scarred originally copy
Cjs Arm break
Alex Liiv MTV Scarred 24 Stair Bike Crash
SCARRED COMPILATION - scarred MTV with Tony kee
Fire Breathing Drinking Accident
Little Kid Gets Destroyed by a Huge Gym Bal
Horrible Motorcycles Accident
Stupid skater falls through roof
swing backflip to broken neck
Broken board to face
Little Girl Gets Kicked in the Face by Street Dancer
Kids Hurt In Funny Accidents
Broken Leg Compilation
Bike Accidents
Funny crashes
funny bike crashes
hilarious stuff
Funny Stupid People
People getting owned compilation
funny video-people falling off their bikes
Private Video
Funny Aaccidents Funny Crashes People Falling
Funny Falling People
People Falling
Funny video - people falling
Funny Videos of People Falling
Funny Videos Of People Falling At The Beach
You wont stop laughing --- Funny People falling HD Download Link
funny videos - people falling in the pool
funny videos of people falling in a lake
Funny Videos Of People Falling At The Beach
Funny People Falling Over
funny videos - kids falling asleep
Drunk People Falling - Funny Clips Of Drunk People Falling
Funny Old People Falling
You Cant Stop Laughing The Best Funny Accidents D
Falls - Funny Accidents
ti malakas pakistanos
Funny Hilarous Video - Mom with cake accident
Funny Accident Video - Part - 1 D D
Funny Accident Compilation
Funny accidents with dogs
Funny Accidents 11
Funny Accidents 10
Funny Accidents 7
Funniest Video Ever
The Ultimate Crash Compilation
Funny Crashes Compilation - Best Fails Ever
Funny Compilation 2
Funny Dog Video
The worlds most funny dog video
Cool Dogs - funny
Skilos se fantaro
Orange County Police Car Chase - Benny Hill Themed
Americas Funniest Home Videos Animal Clips
Hillarious cats
funny accidents 2010
Funny accidents with animals
hot girl accident

and many many more

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