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Butcher House is the sequel to this popular app and is available for free on the market. It has more horror stories, more interaction, more pictures, more sounds, more mini games and overall scarier than Creepy House. For beginners, we recommend starting out with Creepy House as it's more simplified. When you master this app, come over to Butcher House.

✔ 130+ horror stories offline. You can read any stories without internet connection.
✔ Three different categories including person experiences, urban legends and short stories.
✔ Front Door - Pure classic horror stories reading.
✔ Side Door - More than just reading horror stories. Your device may make sounds, stare at creepy mirror, open safe box for goodies, post messages in guest book and more.
✔ Mirror - Displays creepy messages by the hour. Definitely not for cowards!
✔ Safe box - Contain secrets! Enter secret pass codes and open if you dare! More secrets are being added.
✔ Guestbook - Allows you to interact with other fanatic readers. Select energy channel Butcher House or Creepy House.
✔ Settings - change to different font styles and font sizes. Can access settings while reading story or in the Side Door Main Menu.


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