CrystalCase: Transparent Phone



REMEMBER - this is only a TRICK. Don't expect, that this app has supernatural powers ;-)

With CrystalCase you can make your phone... transparent! You will be able to see through phone display screen.

Please spend some time after first install to adjust (resize, move, rotate) overlay image. It won't automagically fit to your hand itself (or at least not in this version of Crystal Case).

Keep in mind, that camera image depends on lighting. Effect is more realistic in daylight.

This simple - yet quite realistic - effect can easily fool and confuse your friends.

How it works?

App overlays photo depicting (part of) hand over camera live feed. If you adjust picture to fit your own hand well, "transparent phone" effect is very realistic. It's simple and basic use of augmented reality.

If you liked prank apps like cracked screen, ghost detector or x-ray scanner, you'll love this app.
It's funny to see people's faces when you show them, that you have transparent phone :-)

How to use?

After downloading you have to adjust picture. You can move, resize and rotate picture to fit your hand. When you are done, tap Menu -> Make Transparent


This is early, first version of CrystalCase. If you find a nasty bug or have any suggestions, please let me know.

Till now, CrystalCase has been tested (and works well) on:
HTC Desire HD
Samsung Galaxy S

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