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D3 Universe is an App that offers information on all Items and Skills in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls expansion.

Note that the D3 universe default region is set to 'us'. If you want to change to 'eu' or 'asia', pls do so at the Settings so that profiles and leaderboards show up correctly.

- View all items at each available slot.
- View all skills of each of the 6 characters, including the newly added Crusader from the Reaper os Souls expansion.
- Checks and updates content regularly to adapt to new release and patches by Blizzard.
- Search items and skills based on keywords.
- Query a user's profile by the Battle Tag, showing heroes, items, skills etc.
- View Greater Rifts Leaderboards.

- The item database and hero's profile is as accurate as can be. There are currently known missing information such as
- Missing Hero's critical chance, damage attributed to main stat, toughness
- Time played as Crusader
- Certain bounties specific legendaries such as Ring of Royal Grandeur
- Leaderboards data is retrieved from Battle.net website, certain changes rolled out by Blizzard may break the functionality. Please report it if you get errors.

Network connectivity is required to pull and cache images.

For more information, visit http://d3universe.pellias.com

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