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Dada Life is a Swedish DJ duo, consisting of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom.

Non-charting releases
"Big Time"
"Have Triangle Every Day"
"The Great Fashionista Swindle"
"This Machine Kills Breakfasts"
"We Meow, You Roar"
"Sweeter Than Fever"
"Your Favourite Flu"
"Fun Fun Fun"
"The Great Smorgasbord"
"Cash In Drop Out"
"Happy Hands & Happy Feet"
"Sweet Little Bleepteen"
"Smile You're On Dada"
"Love Vibrations"
"Just Bleep Me (Satisfaction)"
"Cookies With a Smile"
"White Noise/Red Meat"
"Fight Club Is Closed (It's Time For Rock'n'Roll)"
"Happy Violence"
"Rolling Stones T-Shirt"
"Feed The Dada"
"Born To Rage"
"This Machine Kills Ravers"
Tonite Only - Where The Party's At (Dada Life Remix)
Markus Lange & Daniel Dexter - Acidkids (Dada Life Remix)
Alex Gopher - "Handguns (Dada Life Remix)"
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - "Under The Water (Dada Life Remix)"
Moonbootica - "The Ease (Dada Life Remix)"
Moonflower & ABS - "Feel Free (Dada Life Remix)"
Super Viral Brothers - "Hot Chocolate (Dada Life Remix)"
Albin Myers - "Times Like These (Dada Life Remix)"
Eric Prydz - "Pjanoo (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #7)"
Shark & Sylvain - "Call Me (Dada Life Remix)"
MVSEVM - "French Jeans (Dada Life Remix)"
Young Rebels & Francesco Diaz - Damascus (Dada Life Remix)
Erik Hassle - "Hurtful (Dada Life Remix)"
Gravitonas - "Kites (Dada Life Remix)"
Tim Berg - "Alcoholic (Dada Life Remix)"
Kaskade - "Dynasty (Dada Life Remix)"
Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi - "Symphonies (Dada Life Remix)"
Chickenfoot - "Oh Yeah! (Dada Life Remix)"
Kylie Minogue - "All The Lovers (Dada Life Remix)"
Gravitonas - "Religious (Dada Life Remix)"
Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette - "Hello (Dada Life Remix)"
Bart Claessen - "Catch Me (Dada Life Remix)"
Malente - "Music Forever (Dada Life Remix)"
Boy 8-Bit - "Suspense Is Killing Me (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #5)"
Staygold - "Video Kick Snare (Dada Life Remix)"
Designer Drugs - "Through the Prism (Dada Life Remix)"
Benny Benassi - "Satisfaction (Dada Life Remix)"
Lady Gaga - "Born This Way (Dada Life Remix)"
Hardwell - "Encoded (Dada Life Remix)"
Mustard Pimp - "ZHM (Dada Life Remix)"
David Guetta & Taio Cruz - "Little Bad Girl (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #13)"
Duck Sauce - "Big Bad Wolf (Dada Life Remix)"
Chuckie - "Who Is Ready To Jump (Dada Life Remix)"
Afrojack & R3hab - "Prutataaa (Dada Life Remix)"
Mylo - "Drop The Pressure (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #14)"
Madonna - "Girl Gone Wild (Dada Life Remix)"
Kaskade - "Llove (Dada Life Remix)"
Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (Dada Life Remix)"
Marina and the Diamonds - "How To Be A Heartbreaker (Dada Life Remix)"
Bingo Players - "Out of My Mind (Dada Life Remix)"
Major Lazer - "Bubble Butt (Dada Life Remix)"