Daily Calendar



See something beautiful to brighten up your day, inspire you, or motivate you. This is the calendar that brings you fresh content daily. Content varies between comedy, design, nature, and more. Easily browse to a different day with swipe navigation.

When you start the app for the first time each day, the app will attempt to retrieve content from the web. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

After that, you can browse received content without an internet connection.

To retrieve content from previous days, connect to the internet, start the app, and browse to previous days.

This is a relatively new app. If you have ideas for new features or feedback, please leave a review.

Daily calendar
Motivational calendar
Funny calendar
Cute calendar
Beautiful calendar

Swipe navigation - swipe left and right to go to different days
Daily pictures
Motivational pictures
Funny pictures
Cute pictures
Beautiful pictures
Calendar format, get a picture each day

Note: The developer and the developer’s related parties are not liable for anything that may result from the direct or indirect use of this app. By installing this app, you accept full liability.

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