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    How long has it been? When will it be? Find out with the Days 'til, Days Since Widget. The Days ‘til, Days Since widget calculates the number of days since or until today.

    The widget displays a title, the date entered, the number of years, months, weeks, and days, and the total number of days until or since the date entered. The date entered is displayed with the day of the week as well and the year, month, and day. Types of dates you may select vary from the year and day you were born to the date the world is supposed to end. according to the Mayan Calendar. (The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar ends on Friday, December 21, 2012.)

    The widget is a daily count up or count down display of any date you choose. The display will change (increment or decrement) daily at 1 minute past midnight

    The dates entered using the New Date button are saved to an Available Date List. This list displays when you create or update a widget. The dates in the Available Date List reflect dates that have been previously entered but are not in use. When you create a widget or update a widget, you can enter as many new dates are you want. This allows you to ‘play’ with the widget without updating an active widget. By tapping the cancel button, you can exit the update without changing an active widget.

    To delete entries in the Available Date List, simply long tap an entry and reply ok to the ‘do you really wunna’ dialog.

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