D&D Random Treasure Generator



D&D Random Treasure Generator provides dungeon masters with the ability to quickly come up with treasure chest contents for 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

Designed as a D&D DM Tool for both coming up with a quick random magic item and coming up with entire treasure parcels, D&D Random Treasure Generator can help the would-be DM whether they are in the middle of a campaign and need some quick loot for a wandering monster or are in the planning process and want to come up with a list of possible magic items.

One great way to use this DM tool in the planning stage is to roll for a treasure parcel and use the result as a template, possibly substituting out some of the magic items in preference for items more suited to the particular set of adventurers.

NOTE: D&D Random Treasure Generator only works with ***D&D 4th edition rules**. The magic items listed will all conform to D&D 4th edition, with a source indicator which details the exact book where the item can be found.

This app is part of D&D Tools: Random Encounters, which also includes random monsters and encounters in addition to random treasure. (If you have D&D Tools: Random Encounters, there is no need to get this app.)

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