Diablo3 DPS Calculator



Diablo 3 English / Korean version is a DPS calculator.

Before you purchase an item at auction saw in advance do you want to try wearing?
If you use this weapon I want to know whether the damage how the rise?
So Download it now!

Any application, this calculator to calculate a more accurate damage is possible applications.
In addition, each character has different skills with the use of passive damage added to the calculation has been implemented so.

* Key Features *
- Each of the main stats by Item, to critical damage, critical chance, attack speed, additional damage, weapon kind of input function.
- Must be Babarian, Wizard, Monk, Witch doctor, as Demon hunter character for five Passive skill functions.
- When using the Babarian's master of weapons, the Demon hunter's archery DPS Calculate applied in accordance with each weapon.
- Each character's weapon DPS and wearing auto-save system.

* v1.2.1
- Barbarian's weapons master uses a DPS calculation error has been fixed upon.
- DPS and main ability, critical damage / chance, such as attack speed of Detail screen has been added.
- Character of the current setpoint back up / restore features that have been added.

* v1.2.2
- Restore the saved settings should not be renewed at the screen bug has been fixed.

* v1.3.0
- Dual hands Weapons are patched.

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