DIRECTV for Tablets


DIRECTV for Tablets's review

Set up your DVR and watch DirecTV from your phone.

  • Manage DVR
  • Watch premium shows
  • Streaming very buggy
  • Limited channels available

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"Manage Your Direct TV Account"


The DirecTV app lets you manage your DVR from anywhere you have internet or data. You can set to record or extend finish time so if the game runs over, you don't miss the last quarter. It also allows you to watch *some* of your favorite shows and recordings, although this feature is very glitchy. While it has a very limited amount of channels available to watch on the go, it does give you access to most of the premium favorites.


The app lets you manage your DVR from anywhere so you never miss your favorite show. You can modify record times and watch a limited amount of channels from your phone.


The app does not give you access to the majority of what you record or the channels you can watch at home. Even if it did, the streaming feature is buggy at best.

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by Molly

Apr 10, 2015

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