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4 out of 5 users love this Disney Trivia game. It's loads of fun and offer you a chance to test your Disney character trivia skills. With just one click you can get hours of entertainment to testing your Disney knowledge.I bet your no Disney Trivia Master!But Your Welcome to Prove Me Wrong.

Disney Trivia is a app for all ages young and old. This will provide you hours upon hours of entertainment. Test your knowledge about Disney characters, shows, movies etc.. And you will truly see how much you know. This is the must have app of the season. Don't pass up on this great Hollywood Trivia App

• Offers dozens of facial recognition games to see if you can identify actors/actresses; with some of them being in costumes
• Has over over 50+ trivia questions
• Gives you a variety of quiz's that can be taken
• Offers continuous updates with new trivia being added

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