DM Minion Lite for 4th Edition



"The interface is very intuitive to use, and it takes no time to set up an adventure, upload monsters for it, and then organize encounters. Once the characters are uploaded and the monsters are placed in encounters, you can run an encounter, tracking initiative, damage taken, and combat conditions, for both characters and monsters alike. Monster stat blocks are transferred into the program, and like the player-character powers, can be selected and rolled in the app for attack and damage. Damage results can then be transferred to targets, allowing the DM complete tracking of the combat from both sides of the DM screen. There is even a log to keep track of combat events, for reference at any time."

4e Dungeon Masters are you sick and tired of fumbling around with excel, scratch paper, or some other cumbersome system to track all of those D&D4e combat statistics? Track all of your players and monsters initiative, hit points, damage, conditions, and powers using a single application. Roll dice for monsters powers so you don't have to hunt for the right dice! DM Minion will speeds up your D&D 4E Combats!

1024x768 Minimum Resolution is RECOMMENDED for this app.

Manage Multiple Adventure Files
Monster Database for Level 1-3. No DDI Account Required.
Manually Add Players, Monsters and Encounters
Manage all aspects of a 4e combat (Initiative, HP, Powers, Conditions, and more...)
Manage players Rests and milestones outside of combat
Dice roller
Projector View

Full Monster Database, over 5000 Monsters. No DDI Account Required.
Dropbox Integration
Import DND4E and MONSTER files from DDI exports
Custom Condition Designer

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