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Can you hear a dog whistle? Probably not. Dogs hear higher frequencies better than people do. That’s why dog whistles seem to be silent. Dogs hear the high frequency sounds that we can't. High frequency sounds usual travel further than voices and can be heard further away.

You can control volume of the sound by using volume control. You may not hear but your dog or cat will! Play them through good speakers if you’re going to listen to them.

Dog trainers use dog whistles to get a dog’s attention. Hand signals are often combined with dog whistles. Some think different breeds react to different high frequencies. Smaller dogs are more sensitive to higher frequencies compared to larger dogs.

Dogs lose their hearing as they age just like people do. Test each of the sounds with your dog(s) to see which one(s) works better.

Some of the phones probably won’t reproduce these high pitched sounds accurately. So test the sounds with your dogs and phone to make sure they understand. Inspired by

Dog whistle produces Sounds that tease the dogs and produce both pleasant and teaser sounds.

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