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Dolphins songs to sleep


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You like dolphins? Then you will like this app. You have several choices of songs of dolphins that you can use to sleep better and faster. You can use the songs of dolphins to relax when you're stressed. You can use to put your babe to sleep. The songs are soft ideal for the kids and adults to sleep faster.

Close your eyes, put on the headphones and choose one of the sounds and relax or sleep better.

Train your concentration and relax listening to the sound. Choose a time and not think about anything until the sound ends. Should gradually increase the time to increase the concentration.

1. You can choose the music.

2. You can choose the background.

3. You can choose the time to play music.

4. Beautiful backgrounds.

5. The best relaxing sound!

6. Music for sleep.

7. Sound for babies sleep.

8. You can put a nice sound to calm your baby and sleep like an angel.

9. Great quality of the sounds.

10. Beautiful sounds.

Dolphins information as quoted from Wikipedia:

Dolphins are marine mammals closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost forty species of dolphin in 17 genera, they vary in size. They are found worldwide, mostly in the shallower seas of the continental shelves, and are carnivores, eating mostly fish and squid. The family Delphinidae is the largest in the Cetacean order, and evolved relatively recently, about ten million years ago, during the Miocene. Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals, and their often friendly appearance, an artifact of the "smile" of their mouthline, and seemingly playful attitude have made them very popular in human culture.

Dolphins, along with whales and porpoises, are descendants of terrestrial mammals, most likely of the Artiodactyl order. The ancestors of the modern day dolphins entered the water roughly 50 million years ago, in the Eocene epoch.
Dolphins have a streamlined fusiform body, adapted for fast swimming. The tail fin, called the fluke, is used for propulsion, while the pectoral fins together with the entire tail section provide directional control. The dorsal fin, in those species that have one, provides stability while swimming. Though it varies by species, basic coloration patterns are shades of grey, usually with a lighter underside, often with lines and patches of different hue and contrast.

Unlike most mammals, dolphins do not have hair, except for a few hairs around the tip of their rostrum which they lose shortly before or after birth.The only exception to this is the Boto river dolphin, which has persistent small hairs on the rostrum.

Dolphins are capable of making a broad range of sounds using nasal airsacs located just below the blowhole. Roughly three categories of sounds can be identified: frequency modulated whistles, burst-pulsed sounds and clicks. Dolphins communicate with whistle-like sounds produced by vibrating connective tissue, similar to how human vocal cords function, and through burst-pulsed sounds, though the nature and extent of that ability is not known. The clicks are directional and are for echolocation, often occurring in a short series called a click train. The click rate increases when approaching an object of interest. Dolphin echolocation clicks are amongst the loudest sounds made by marine animals.
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  • (46 stars)

    by Charlotte Arcand on 23/06/2014

    ...and well done. Love to listen to the soothing sounds while reading or working on PC. Good job!

  • (46 stars)

    by Elizabeth Figueroa on 16/06/2014

    Shuts down

  • (46 stars)

    by Rod Blackard on 01/06/2014

    Such a great app love it it is so fast to downlode and worth the time I recommend every one to use it

  • (46 stars)

    by pokekid64 on 23/05/2014

    Its okay

  • (46 stars)

    by Trish Campos on 19/05/2014

    Best app yet!

  • (46 stars)

    by Lalaine Aguilar on 14/05/2014

    I love it?..

  • (46 stars)

    by Rene Marais on 13/05/2014

    Very nice I love the sound of the dolphins thanks a lot

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