Doodle Bug



Are you a kid that loves to finger paint? Or maybe you are an adult that likes to draw? Or perhaps you wish you had a homework sketchpad app like what you see on Khan Academy? With Doodle Bug, you can do all of those things!

Doodle Bug is a fun and easy painting program that lets the colors fly from your fingertips! It has a bunch of great and easy-to-use features that will have you producing masterpieces in no time:

- A whole RAINBOW of colors to choose from!
- A variety of brush sizes and densities.. from pencil thin to marker FAT!
- UNDO feature for when you make mistakes!
- ZOOM & PAN for getting in there and doing those fine details!
- Save and Load from your phone or tablet's internal memory or SD card!
- Import pictures and photos from your phone or tablet's gallery, and then draw over them! Give your mom or friend that mustache they've always wanted! Cool!

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