Drinking Games Lite



This fun new app features a whole bunch of games to give you entertainment while you are getting drunk.

**Note these are not actual video games. These are party games for anywhere from 1 to many players to give you an activity to do while drinking**

Games such as:

*Kings Cup

*High Low

*Turrets (Paid)

*Beer Pong (Paid)

*Beer Pong w/ Dice

*MexiCali (Paid)


*War (Paid)

*Bottle Spinner

White text buttons are paid only.

Currently this version features 9 games. And more are coming with future updates. These current games will also be modified to add content and make them even more fun.

If you have any ideas or tasks/objectives that you think would be a great addition to these games feel free to shoot me an email at FALLACYSTUDIOS@GMAIL.COM

If you experience any problems at all or are not liking the app please send me an email rather than give bad ratings. I will do my best to resolve any issues.

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