DroidTick is an Android app designed to transform your phone into a gamepad / joystick for games and emulators (Zsnes, Mame…) or a remote controller for video and music players (Winamp, VLC, Smplayer).

In this moment it is only available for Window and Linux, but MacOs version is in development

Droidtick allows you to simulate keyboard keys (A, B, Alt, Control, Enter…), multimedia keys (Play, Stop, Volume…) and up to four virtual joysticks, which will offer you a better gaming experience. You can create as many configurations as you need and connect different terminals, each one with a different configuration, allowing many players simultaneously.

Thanks to smartphone’s touch screen, Droidtick can create skins with any design and number of buttons, even using the accelerometer as a WiiMote or similar, being really useful for flight simulators and racing games.


-Super Nintendo (SNES)
-Nintendo (NES)
-Arcade PAD
-Octopus Remote (for video and music players)

For download server and more info: http://miguelangellv.wordpress.com/droidtick-en

Programming: Miguel Ángel López
Graphics: Juan José Nunes

Thanks Eduardo Cueto for translation

DroidTick use AndEngine (www.andengine.org)

The original designs are SNES and NES to Nintendo.

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